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Library Programs

Preschool children will plant a salad garden. We had hoped to do this last year. We will ask some adults to help with direction, and some older kids to help weed. When all of the salad material is ready we will have a children’s salad banquet.

For children and teens,  we will have Origami and art programs. In addition we will have some special reading programs with some special books. “Tales of Fort Word, Texas” for younger children. “Merlin” and two of the TV series DVD‘s, “Pals Forever; Memoirs of a Labrador in his own words”  “Journey to the Center of the Earth” the book and two of the movies, and a book that is old, and very unique,  called “The White Wolf”, written by Max Brand, and again the owners speak, and so do the dogs and the wolves.

And who knows? If someone has a special request we will try to do our best.

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Have we got movies for you! All of you!

Younger Movies

moviesWe have about 150 VHS movies. Nearly all of the Disney™ movies. We also have Shirley Temple™ and Our Gang™ movies, (oldies, but so good!). We also have Shrek™, The Land Before Time™, Scooby Doo™, Care Bears™, and Winnie the Poo™ movies. In addition, we have about 100 DVD's.




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We provide coupons for anyone who feels they can save money for their groceries. We also can print the Bar Codes.
I went to coupon.com which shows you how to identify when the best prices are and then you develop coupons to go with your grocery list. My biggest saving was $76.00.

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